Cozy Outdoor Futon Cushion: Care And Maintenance

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Outdoor futon cushion – Outdoor futon cushion for sleeping is a mattress made of natural cotton, but in ekoideas you can also find them with virgin wool, ecological latex or mixed depending on rigidity or elasticity that we want to achieve. In no case are chemical dyes added, so futons of our store have that characteristic raw color of virgin cotton. A well-made natural futon is breathable and comfortable. Base where it is placed should allow its perspiration, and is usually traditional tatami ,

One of basic tips to keep our outdoor futon cushion (especially if made of cotton or sheep’s wool ) in good condition is to flip it once a month or every month and a half, so we can keep it airy and keep moisture from getting wet. Accumulate at bottom. When doing this operation is also advisable to do so while airing bedroom to get as dry as possible in environment. Once aerated, we place futon inverted, i.e. bottom should now be face up and top touching floor.

In case that our natural outdoor futon cushion rests directly on floor or a  traditional tatami of pressed rice straw, it is recommended that when we get up from sleep we bend it, so that underside of futon is aerated. However, characteristics of tatami allow a perfect transpiration by what is more difficult accumulation of humidity in futon.

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