Custom Outdoor Seating Cushions For Backyard

Author: Amanda F. Brady | Categories: Outdoor Ideas comments
Pavillion Backyard Renovations

Outdoor Seating Cushions – For now you have seen the small cozy outdoor space we have created in our studio so we can enjoy some good summer outdoor vibe. Made incredible bench seats to give us a place to rest, but it can be difficult to be properly rigid on hardwood boards, so we decided to add some thick outdoor cushions to make our seating area more comfortable.

First I measured the width and depth of each seat to see how many the cushions should be. The cushion pad I bought was 4 “tall, so I knew the number would be the top of my outdoor seating cushions. To find out the dimensions of the fabric for the mattress panels, take the width and depth measurements and add 1 “to both numbers to allow a half” seam margin everywhere. These measurements are for the top and bottom panels of the pad. Take these dimensions and cut your top and bottom panel and long side panel accordingly.

Use fabric scissors to round the edge of your fabric corners on your two larger panels. To attach the long side panel strip and make a large continuous loop around the edge of your mattress, fold the half panel (with right sides face to face), and sew 1/2 “from the edge to attach the ends Align the edges of your fabric panel loop side outdoor seating cushions with the top panel edge (with the right sides together), and the edge pin in place.

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