Design for Metal Pergola


Metal pergola – And can be made ​​with different types of materials such as cast aluminum flat bars, iron pipes and others, basically requiring painting can be a common synthetic enamel that gives a smooth finish and a brightness that is maintained as long as we give correct maintenance steps. Also this type of paint material gives protection against corrosive vapors own sea and exposed exterior durability proviéndolos inside structures circumstances.

Metal pergola usually have treillage iron (trellis) Body accompanying perimeter railing design. They are usually octagonal or hexagonal, as the angle of each part is necessary to allow the soldier; a curved structure of only one piece is very rare to see. The toppings are almost always sheet, just to accompany the overall structure, but we can always see hybrids with coverage of other materials.

As for the sheet, it is known that absorbs heat and heated at times other environments, therefore there technology plates insulated. To affirm surface, generally over soft soils, the development of a cube is necessary Anchor good size taking into account the final size of the structure. Subsequently grab with metal screws or epoxy resins.  We should always consider what will be the weather most of the time when we make the decision to install a metal pergola.

Brown Metal Pergolas

Metal pergolas has been used in a residence for centuries, classical, to add a shaded road, to connect the pavilions or to allow the seat that allows the wind and the sun to filter through. In addition to this amazing house will not only add comfort, it can be a bonus draw for the resale value of the home.

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Every open space around the house can be used as an invitation to metal pergolas. Over the years, pergola structure has been adapted to the area so there is great variety in the design. While traditional pergola is intended mainly for beauty and comfort, the design is now more emphasis on providing protection from harsh elements of nature such as rain and snow and ultra-violet radiation.

Design metal pergolas are depending on geographic location. Depending on the area, grade or direction of the sun, pergolas may gazebo, an extension of the building, an outdoor terrace or veranda which has grapes crises-crossing latticed roof. One of the most important considerations when designing a pergola is the roof structure and shape. Design of the pergola roof depends on the availability of direct sunlight as well as the geographical and natural features of the area. Although, in earlier times, pergola built using brick and stone pillars, modern design using weather-resistant woods such as western red cedar or redwood coast.

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