Design Glass Deck Railing Systems

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Contemporary Glass Deck Railing Systems

Glass deck railing systems – glass deck railing systems known as glass balustrades. When outside, they provide a sound barrier, a windbreaker and safety. Inside or outside, they are a striking architectural element. Three elements must be considered in your design: aesthetics, function and location.

Design glass deck railing systems, Look through architectural and design magazines, and websites with glass railings. Start a file folder of the applications you like best. It will be invaluable in explaining what you want your contractor or supplier. Measure your balcony or terrace and drawing to scale on graph paper. Determine the height of the railing. Standard heights are 36 inches and 42 inches.

Select a railing system. Choices include the side-mounted posts with posts on the side of the balcony and the top-mounted posts with posts installed in the floor of the balcony installed. You can choose not to decide whether a top rail with some systems to have a bottom rail using glass clips. Explore all the options available to fit your glass deck railing systems.  Glass options for a clear view contain clear glass, low-iron glass or glass shower Guard Guardian Industries. Go to a glass supplier specialized in architectural decorative glass available with glass sample.

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