DIY Coatings Kool Deck


Kool Decks slab, a product from the Company Mortex, was created in 1962. The seal keeps catwalks colder than normal concrete during the hot summer months. Kool deck is often installed as a garden and walkways around the pools. Since they are available in a variety of colors, sometimes the paint on the bridge of Kool fades or chip. You can re-coat your deck bridge with Kool Systex paint all by yourself.

Education to DIY coatings kool deck: wash the deck outside the high-pressure hose to remove dirt or pebbles. Scrub bridge of Kool with dishwashing detergent with the brush. Remove dirt, grease or paint peeling off as you spot the bridge. Rinse out the bridge with the high-pressure hose and allow the platform to dry.

Mix the paint of one color, with the paint mixer. Wet the roller in the paint and apply it to the surface of kool deck. Spread the paint over the bridge to coat completely. Use the brush to paint all edges around the bridge. Allow the deck to dry for 48 hours before walking on it.

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