Gooseneck Light Fixture Ideas

Author: Amanda F. Brady | Categories: Eksterior Design comments
Unique Gooseneck Light Fixture

Gooseneck light fixture – Customized images directly tailor light to the theme of a wedding, art show or other special event. Give a candle with a photo of someone’s individual pet rather than an artist’s interpretation of the breed or a generic multiple breed dogs. Even if you do not know how to pour light, you can create the effect with a photocopy of the selected image and decoupage glue. For experienced light makers, dip the image into wax as part of the light to create the process.


Select a gooseneck light fixture. Prepare the workspace. Place the newspaper on a flat surface. Place a pink eraser for temporary plugs on each side of the light. Two pens or chopsticks taped to the table also prevent light from rolling.

Copy the desired image. Do not use an original photo. Cut the edges of the part of the image you want to view. Brush the outside of the gooseneck light fixture with decoupage fluid. Before the glue dries, place the image on the light exactly where you want it to appear. Train the bubbles with your fingers pushing from the center of the image to the ends. For a long, finished picture, start on one side and continue to the end. Add a layer of adhesive over the top of the glued image. It may seem white but dries clear. Allow the paper to dry for at least ten minutes. Then another layer applies to the entire outer surface of the light.

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