How To Clean Stains Off A Alumawood Patio Cover


How To Clean Stains Off A Alumawood Patio Cover – Alumawood is a brand aluminum patio covers incorporate Pont Teflon coating that makes it easy to clean and maintain. Patio Alumawood covers come in two varieties, lattice of solid Laguna and Newport. Trellis lagoon is a traditional courtyard pergola covered with open spaces at the top of the breezes that come through. The solid Newport provides protection against the elements. Cleaning is a breeze.

To clean stains off an alumawood patio cover you will need Distilled vinegar 2 cups white, Replace the vinegar with ½ to 1 cup bleach if your patio cover is white, sprayer for spraying, Garden hose, extended cleaning brush.

To clean stains off an alumawood patio cover the first Enter 2 cups of vinegar in sprayer that you provide and mix with 1 gallon of hot water. Use a hose to spray down the patio cover to remove any loose debris in alumawood patio cover. Spray the yard is covered with white vinegar solution. Scrub brush stains with a scrub extended. Rinse the covered patio with garden hose. Process cleaning stains off an alumawood patio cover can be repeated as many times as necessary to remove stains.

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