How To Protect Trex Deck

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Beautiful Design Trex Deck

Trex deck is made from wood fibers and recycled plastic, will not rot or warp or require painting or staining. Its plastics protect from moisture and insect damage. The materials of wood help protect from UV damage. Will fade and weather as being outside elements it exposes to the sun and the water, and yet reaches its altered appearance within 12-16 weeks.

Education to protect trex deck: spray the decking with pipe twice a year to remove dirt buildup general. Fill a bucket with hot water and soap and use bristle brush to scrub away tough spots dirty. Apply a deck brightener to remove tannins, brown pigment spots. Clean the deck with broom and pipe before applying the rinse aid.

Remove the snow with a plastic shovel. Apply for rock salt to melt the ice from the floor. Wipe up spills of food with a clean, wet. If a stain, spray the area with hose. Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and rub the stain with bristle brush dipped in soap and water.

Sprinkle the trex deck with hose to remove mold caused by debris. Fill a bucket with hot water and soap and scrub the mold or mildew with a wet, soapy bristles until the stain disappears.

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