Installing Rubber Patio Pavers


Rubber patio pavers blocks are easy to install and less expensive than concrete pavers. Although rubber pavers are made to look like concrete pavers, which are easier to work with because you can cut with a knife instead of a hammer and chisel. Because rubber pavers can be recycled, such as old rubber tires, which are a product green products. Measure the dimensions of your future patio for rubber patio pavers. Stretch string between the stakes to mark the boundaries of the yard.

Remove grass from the top layer of the yard with a lawn mower. Dig the yard at a depth of 6 inches. Make sure the soil at the base of the patio is level using a piece of plywood and a spirit level. Place a 2-inch layer of crushed gravel at the base of the patio.

Place a 2-inch layer of damp sand manufacturer in the gravel. Make sure the sand is level using spirit level and scrap plywood. Place the pavers directly on the sand. For best results, start in the middle of the courtyard and work your way outwards. Upon reaching the edges of the rubber patio pavers cut flush with the sides of the excavated earth and fall into place.

Outdoor Rubber Patio Pavers Blocks Flooring

Rubber patio pavers – Rubber decking is the key ingredient to consider when you need to install decking in a commercial area. Wherever you have a lot of people walking or working, rubber decking provides the best safety net for non-slip feature. Rubber decking is made from the same material as the tires on your vehicle, so you know that it is worth the extra money you have to pay for it.

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When you install rubber patio pavers, you have a good decking material able to withstand a range of temperatures. It is suitable for those zero temperatures exceeding 100 °. However, for cold climates where cold temperature dips below zero, this care-free decking may not be suitable for outdoors. Although the use of rubber will increase the life of your deck around 5 years old, you have to take the climate into consideration before you purchase this material.

Price rubber patio pavers are not cheap. One board measuring 1 inch thick and 8 inches wide in black costs about $ 2 per foot, while the same size board costs cotta gray or terra more than $ 3 per foot. Maintenance free decking is equipped with a 25 – year warranty, but there are conditions attached. While you want decking that will not require maintenance or use of wood deck sealers, you need to make sure that the decking is installed properly. Support systems must have the center no more than 18 inches apart and each board rubber should be bound to each center.

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