Making Outdoor Bench Cushions

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Making Outdoor Bench Cushion

Outdoor bench cushions are usually made as a cushion box, with a side panel or welt around the edges to create a square type pad. If you have a long bench in need of a little cushion to make it more comfortable, do-it-yourself bench cushion is the best way to get a custom cushion for the bank. Make a long bench cushion requires minimal sewing skills and is suitable for newcomers to the seam.

Outdoor bench cushions measure the length and width of the desk, and then cut a rectangle of foam 4 inches for this size using an electric knife to make straight cuts on the side. Most long benches are 3 to 4 feet long; if your bank is longer than this, consider two cushions cover the length.

Cut two pieces of fabric for the top and bottom of the outdoor bench cushions cover is equal to the length and width of the foam over an inch on all sides. For example, if your bank mattress is 15 by 60 inches, cut two pieces of fabric 17 by 62 inches. Cut two lengths of fabric the length of the foam at the height of the foam over an inch on all sides.

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